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Opening hours today

In accordance with emergency measure issued by the Ministry of Health Zákupy castle has been closed and all guided tours and events have been cancelled until further notice. For more info see our web site.

  • Průčelí zámku

  • Barokní terasy

  • Zákupy - letecky podzim 2018

  • Zákupy - rohový salon císaře

  • Zákupy - medvěd Medoušek

  • Zákupy - medvěd Medoušek

  • Zákupy - páv

  • Zákupy - pohled na barokní zahradu z teras

  • Zákupy - parter barokní zahrady


A place where the Emperor himself liked to return

Few would think of looking for a place in this corner of northern Bohemia for a castle so associated with the former imperial and royal family of the Habsburg dynasty, who owned Zákupy until the creation of independent Czechoslovakia in 1918.

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