Ferdinand I. tour

The guided tour consists of interiors decorated with original furniture, paintings and porcelain and interior decoration of the 19th century, when the castle served as the summer residence of the Austrian Emperor (and last crowned king of Bohemia) known as Ferdinand the Good. The Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi, the room of the Emperor's steward, imperial dining room, the suite of the Emperor (e.g. billiard room, dressing room, salon) imperial couple’s bedroom and the suite of the Empress (e.g. the office, maid's room, waiting room of the court ladies, salon).

Basic information

  • duration 50 minutes
  • max. 35 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
6. 4.–14. 4. Sat–Sun 10.00–15.00
18. 4.–21. 4. Thu–Sun 10.00–15.00
22. 4. Mon 10.00–15.00
23. 4.–30. 4. Sat–Sun 10.00–15.00
1. 5.–30. 9. Tue–Sun 9.00–16.00
1. 10.–27. 10. Sat–Sun 10.00–15.00
28. 10. Mon 10.00–15.00


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reservation needed for groups only